Dvision Metaverse
2021 Conference Recap
  • Luniverse Partners Day
    in Dvision Metaverse
    Dvision Network hosted the “Luniverse Partners Day” in collaboration with Lambda 25 (the subsidiary of the Dunamu), running an unprecedented metaverse-based conference inside of the Dvision World. The event period was scheduled to be held from 29th ~ 30th July.The event was led by the Dvision Network as the main host of the event in collaboration with Luniverse, and the invited partners included the leading coffee franchise Tom N Toms, Ziktalk, Publish, Celeb, MINKOLABS, Pollchain.
  • “Live Debate” on cryptocurrency legislation organized by the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea in Dvision Metaverse
    The National Assembly of the ROK conducted a “LIVE Debate” on cryptocurrency legislation and improvement measures in Dvision Metaverse. The live debate was conducted within the Dvision Metaverse on August 12, 2021, from 14:00 KST to 17:00 KST. Dvision made its own unique contribution to the development of the regulatory and legislative practices, which will further lead to the larger adoption of blockchain technology. The event was a landmark event initiated by the Korean Parliament in collaboration with the legislators from leading political parties such as the Democratic and People’s Power parties.
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